How It Works

We make this EASY for you!

1. Enter your zip code to see if there is delivery in your area.

2. Pick out what size Farmbox best suits your lifestyle. We have different Farmboxes for different needs!

3. Create an account to set up your delivery.                                                                              

4. Customize your Farmbox to your liking with full box customization on every delivery!

BOOM! You're done and on your way to fresh, local produce and pantry items delivered right to your door!

There is NO COMMITMENT ever! If you are going on vacation, or just need to skip a delivery, our system makes it very easy for you to manage your delivery, or feel free to email us anytime to assist you.

We do not charge a fee for registration or membership!

 Delivery Schedule

We deliver on different days to different zip codes.  Please input your zip code to find out your delivery day. Your credit card will be charged two days prior to your delivery. We have a cut off because we must tell our Farmers and Artisans what we need for each delivery. Don’t worry, if you miss this week’s cut off, be sure to still create an account so you are on our email list for the following week's harvest!

*Please note: Delivery delay can be at the hands of Mother Nature due to weather and/or traffic delays.